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Tip-021:Retirement Checklist: Are You Prepared?

Are you set to retire within the next two to three years?  If so, it is imperative that you get prepared. Retirement can be fun and exciting; but this is true only if you are fully prepared for it.

Ignoring this step can be very costly: it can have a negative impact on your life style. It is thus critical some of the following:

  • Review your retirement savings’ and investments’ potential to sustain you; and any other sustenance options available to you.
  • Where you want to live.
  • What activities you want to enjoy.
  • Social activities will you be actively engaged in
  • The  business you will be doing.
  • How you will be spending your free time
  • If you envision yourself making large purchases, a car or house, buy them before you retire; and ensure that no debt is allowed beyond the last pay cheque.

The above-mentioned aspects are just a few of the many that you may want to examine and take action on in time.

Remember, if you plan to retire in two or three years, you can make a life-long changing decision in the remaining period to your retirement.

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