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Are you concerned about the life beyond the last formal employment pay cheque?

I guess, Yes! The Truth is, there is no shortage of good employees in governments, organisations and institutions. But the reality is, many of the working employees have difficulty remaining active, engaged, productive beyond the last formal employment pay cheque. I’m Charles Barugahare, a Ugandan Citizen and an Accountant by Profession. I hold a Doctorate Degree in Business Administration, Masters of Business Administration, Bachelor of Commerce Accounting Degree, with over 24 years working experience in public, private and NGO sectors as Chief Internal Auditor, Director Audit, University Secretary and Accounting Officer and serve on boards where transition and retirement matters are widely discussed.

Did you know that:

  • You can easily transit due to: restructuring, closure of business, contract expiry, ceasing a political office, medical grounds plus of course mandatory age and any other causes. Therefore, apart from ceasing formal employment at mandatory retirement age, the other circumstances under which one ceases employment may occur at any time and age! It is imperative to emphasise the meaning of ceasing employment. As ceasing employment simply means, the action of leaving one’s routine job and stopping to formerly work!
  • You need 60-80% of your pre-employment income to sustain you or keep you at the same or close to the same level of lifestyle when you are no longer working!
  • You need to learn how to remain active, engaged and productive beyond your last working day!
  • You need a plan to maintain key relationships and networks required for continued connections when you are no longer working as many people tend to be cut off from their peers and their status is negatively affected!

Are you determined, committed and willing to take the mantle to learn as you take consistent actions?

But  You Are Not Sure How To Go About It!

Then, We are ready to WALK with YOU with serialised guidance from blog posts, tips, alerts, practices plus partner support resources.

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